Tuesday, 28 September 2010

We have been writing some amazing story openings this week. They are brilliant! I'm so proud of them. I think Year 5 will be writing their own book by the summer!

Miss Dexter came to visit us from another school, we had a fantastic time!

Well done to Lucas for trying really hard in his work! Especially in writing! Keep it up!

Well done to Farrah for trying really hard and taking her work in Year 5 very seriously!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Welcome to Year 5!

I am really looking forward to teaching Year 5! I have lots of different activities planned!

Golden Book Children!

Well Done to Caitlin for being a fab friend and having a mature attitude towards her work. She is also very helpful in class.

Congratulations to Lucy for giving 100% effort all of the time and listening to everything in class!

This week we have been writing fantastic sentences!

I'm really enjoying choir - I'm not sure If I've found my second voice yet though!

There are some really good games to play on this website!


I know how much you like maths zone so here's a direct link!



Hello everyone and welcome to Year 5!

I'm really looking forward to teaching you this year! I have lot's of different activities to do!

This week we have been writing some fabulous sentences!