Sunday, 28 October 2012

A few things you might like to look at:-

A few things you might like to take a look at:-

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  • Our Punctuation Game (also on the right of your screen)

  • Leo the Lion - our new class pet (again, on the right of your screen)

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Mr. Lee

P.C. Peatfield, Spelling Performances & Piñatas Getting Pummelled

P.C. Peatfield
On Tuesday we were visited by P.C. Peatfield who talked to us about effect crime has on every one of us.

Can anyone remember what the quoits represented? 
I don't think Kelis enjoyed this much!
Spelling Performances
We have been learning our spellings a little differently this week...

Some of us performed them in puppet shows...
... and some of us wrote plays.
Year 5, what other ingenious ways did we find to learn our spellings this week?

Maths Update!
Over the past two weeks in maths we have been looking at different methods for addition and subtraction.

This week, we looked at the expanded method. Would anyone like to try solving sum below using the expanded method?

+  217

Here is Davey's first attempt at using the expanded method.
And here is Keira, also doing a fantastic job!

We also had another unusual visitor this week - a fire-breathing dragon with a taste for Haribo! Here are some photos of our fearless Year 5 Dragon Slayers.

Our fearsome, fire-breathing foe!
Before taking aim, everyone was blindfolded and had to
spin around 3 times.

Teegan - Warrior Princess
We were all glad we stood back when Keira took her shot!

But even after taking a thorough bashing from Alice, the
dragon held firm and Mr. Harrison had to deliver the
final blow!
And there were sweets for everyone!

Have a great week off Year 5 - you have deserved it!

Mr. Lee

New games to play on Year 4's blog

Head over to Year 4's Activities page to play some games Mrs Warner has added. There are some new ones about making safer choices when on line.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Elle's Blog Update!

School of Nightmares

Over the past two weeks we have been looking at a story about the School of Nightmares. First, we discussed what we thought it was about, then we discussed what we thought it meant when it said there are no ghosts, ghouls or monsters only what the people had created and we talked about the types of monsters and that bullies that in someone else’s eyes are monsters.

The following week we got some black paper and some white chalk and we drew a picture of the school using our imagination with one condition... no spiders! Mrs Gray is petrified of them! When we had finished our picture Mrs. Gray sprayed them with hairspray to stop them from smudging J

Presentation Mondays

We have recently started doing Presentation Monday. Last week our theme was our Sea Monster and this week it is an open presentation. We can present our presentation anyway we want on PowerPoint; from black to purple backgrounds from evil eyes to skull and crossbones J

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Another Busy Week in Year 5...

Here are some photos from another busy week in Year 5.

Our first Reward Afternoon! 
After our food Jamie, Alice, Hannah & Alyssa provided us
with some great entertainment!

Keaton - creative as always!

We also worked on our Galleons this week.

Joshua's is coming on really well - the captain's
cabin looks great!

Jamie used two strips of cello-tape to keep
his red line perfectly straight.

More careful painting.

On Friday we took a class photo for the first annual
Fieldhead Carr Calendar.

Hope you enjoyed our week Year 5 - if there is anything you think we have missed from our blog, leave a comment below :)

See you all on Monday!

Mr. Lee

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Piñatas, Pirate Ships and Monsters of the Deep

Hello Everyone!

Firstly, a big thanks to Mrs. Coomber who has made us an amazing Investors In Pupils display!

And another thank you to Bailey who brought us in a galleon for our Pirates topic AND a piñata for our Picnic and Piñata Party.

Right, now on to what we have been up to this week. There has been a lot of change this week in Year 5; new Working Walls, new school photos and our new Mission Statement!

Maths Update!

I am really happy with what we have achieved in Maths over the past two weeks - you should all be very proud Year 5!

Would someone from Year 5 like to explain what we have been looking at in Maths using comments section below?

Literacy Update!

In Literacy this week we have started looking at Monsters of the Deep -  first up, the deadly Kraken!

We read an excerpt from Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, analysed a video clip and composed a descriptive writing piece about our own Monsters of the Deep.

Year 5, would you like to tell everyone about your Monsters of the Deep?

Class Rewards Update!

We have also earned the first of our Class Rewards this year - a Picnic and Piñata party!

We are going to decide next week how we will be organising our party and I'm sure something will appear on the blog very soon...

Volunteers Required

Unfortunately, there just isn't enough time or room in one blog to fit in everything from our week. Therefore, starting from Monday, I am going to be looking for people to help keep our blog up to date. 

Anyone in Year 5 who would like to help with this, please leave a comment below.


Saturday, 6 October 2012

Pirates and Poetry


It has been a week of Pirates and Poetry in Year 5. Here is a little taster of what we have been up to...

On Monday, we wolfed down Smoked Junk, gobbled up Hard Tack and 'spliced the mainbrace'!

If you have no idea what this means - scroll down to the comments section where I'm sure a kind member of Year 5 will explain more for you.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we looked at performance poetry - making up our own moves to some poems by the magnificent Craig Bradley.


We also began making our galleons on Wednesday by building and painting our crow's nests.

If you would like to see more updates as we establish our Pirate Armada, post a comment below.

Lastly, everyone in Year 5 would like to say a big hello to our fellow quadbloggers at Hillside Primary, Kingswood Primary and St. Lawrence CE - we look forward to seeing your blogs and reading your comments!

Mr. Lee