Thursday, 22 March 2012

In geography we have been discussing Pollution and its effects on our Earth. We all agreed that we need to stop polluting our rivers, seas, air and land if we want them to be safe habitats for generations to come.

Starbucks coffee afternoon. Thank you to all the children who made cakes and buns as part of their homework. We all enjoyed eating  them and chatting with our families and friends.

We had a fun afternoon on Wednesday reusing plastic bottles in order to make our own bird feeders.

We sanded away any sharp edges.

These are the pictures we made for an art competition.

Outdoor Maths

Year 5 worked outside on their maths problems today. It made a change from being inside in the classroom.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Can we work out the answer to this maths problem?

Maths in the hall! Which hoop gives the answer to 6 X 7 ?

World Book Day - Y5 busy making models and writing about the Polish legend - Krakus & the Dragon.

More fabulous learning logs. 
Well done to all Y5 who hand them in regularly!

On February 29th we looked at the number 29.

 In Geography we are learning about Rivers.

Labelling the parts of a river. Can you remember what the source and mouth of a river are?

We matched the river term to its meaning.

In Literacy we discussed for and against turning Skelton Wood and adjacent field into a leisure complex.
What is your opinion?

Monday, 5 March 2012

Practical Maths - Probability

If you throw 2 dice what is the probability that you will score a 7? Or score 12? Or score 1?
Let's find out. 
Which score are you most/least likely to score? Why?