Saturday, 20 October 2012

Another Busy Week in Year 5...

Here are some photos from another busy week in Year 5.

Our first Reward Afternoon! 
After our food Jamie, Alice, Hannah & Alyssa provided us
with some great entertainment!

Keaton - creative as always!

We also worked on our Galleons this week.

Joshua's is coming on really well - the captain's
cabin looks great!

Jamie used two strips of cello-tape to keep
his red line perfectly straight.

More careful painting.

On Friday we took a class photo for the first annual
Fieldhead Carr Calendar.

Hope you enjoyed our week Year 5 - if there is anything you think we have missed from our blog, leave a comment below :)

See you all on Monday!

Mr. Lee


  1. I am enjoying making our ships,they will be very creative when there finished.

  2. i am enjoying making our ships and they look great now but when they are finished they will look evern beter

  3. <-Mr Lee Thats My Blog

    1. Thanks, I've added it to the our class blogs!

      Mr. Lee

    2. hello .m.r lee from amelia

  4. I enjoyed makeing our pirate ships it was really fun.

  5. This picture is a great picture.
    There is some great posters