Sunday, 28 October 2012

P.C. Peatfield, Spelling Performances & Piñatas Getting Pummelled

P.C. Peatfield
On Tuesday we were visited by P.C. Peatfield who talked to us about effect crime has on every one of us.

Can anyone remember what the quoits represented? 
I don't think Kelis enjoyed this much!
Spelling Performances
We have been learning our spellings a little differently this week...

Some of us performed them in puppet shows...
... and some of us wrote plays.
Year 5, what other ingenious ways did we find to learn our spellings this week?

Maths Update!
Over the past two weeks in maths we have been looking at different methods for addition and subtraction.

This week, we looked at the expanded method. Would anyone like to try solving sum below using the expanded method?

+  217

Here is Davey's first attempt at using the expanded method.
And here is Keira, also doing a fantastic job!

We also had another unusual visitor this week - a fire-breathing dragon with a taste for Haribo! Here are some photos of our fearless Year 5 Dragon Slayers.

Our fearsome, fire-breathing foe!
Before taking aim, everyone was blindfolded and had to
spin around 3 times.

Teegan - Warrior Princess
We were all glad we stood back when Keira took her shot!

But even after taking a thorough bashing from Alice, the
dragon held firm and Mr. Harrison had to deliver the
final blow!
And there were sweets for everyone!

Have a great week off Year 5 - you have deserved it!

Mr. Lee


  1. I enjoyedthe pinata and pc petefield it was really fun do the actions of our subject.

  2. I realy like doing the pinyata it was realy good and I cant belive I hit it id love to do it again one day.

  3. pc peatfield was funny and the pinata was cool

  4. this looks very fun!
    i like your pictures mr Lee!

  5. hi remember james ferguson thats me hi year 5:)

  6. I really enjoyed it.

  7. Wow that must of been fun for you all Year5!